Class Twelve: Critique, Complement & Augment

April 11

Write — finish authorship on primary word, and support as secondary author. Once you both feel good about your word post it to this shared document, under your word (in orange).

Collaborate on thoughts for common design as notes for Nell and Pete as we create the “thing” that will be the final form of our project.

Use this form to write your thoughts when peer-reviewing key words.

Here is a link to FEEDBACK spreadsheet. You may comment, but not edit.


When using the form (above) to review your words, we’re asking you to consider Ideas, Organization, and Mechanics as separate review categories. When assessing Ideas, think about the invention/creation which the author uses in the post, their metaphors, and the logical flow of the text. In Organization consider transitions between paragraphs, balance, and pay specific attention to the shape of the introduction and conclusion. In Mechanics comment on the punctuation, sentence structure, diction, and general proofreading comments.

Jasmine: Curate & Photograph
Alex: Mindfulness & Typing
Rebecca: Comment & Image
Katherine: Digital Ethics & mindfulness
Chris D: Social Media & Seeing
Kendall: Curate & Seeing
Gundolf: Publish & materiality
Shaniece: Image & Digital Ethics
Ashley: Comment & materiality
Lauran: Social Media & Publish
Nastacia: Photograph &
Chris B: materiality & Typing