By Lauran Whitworth Secondary Author: Jasmine Ponder Fragment of the Antikythera Mechanism (believed to be an astronomical computer made ca. 87 BCE) Image courtesy of Andrew Barclay via Flickr and Creative Commons.   The Oxford English Dictionary defines materiality as: That which constitutes the matter or material of something. Material or physical aspect or character; […]


Mindfulness is the state of being aware in the present.  Merriam Webster dictionary defines mindfulness not only as a mental state, but also a physical activity that requires the brain to observe and reflect on their surroundings that is nonjudgmental.  Mindfulness in the context of Connected Learning becomes synonymous with metacognition, a learning technique that […]


By: Shaniece Wilson Secondary Author: Chris DePree Image Courtesy of  Sergio Santos Definition: Comment- An expression of an opinion or attitude about something (n.) Commentary is essential for obtaining and sharing information about a subject. It can also be a way an individual can express their opinion. According to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, the legal definition […]


By: Nastacia Pereira and Alex Jester Image “ebook” courtesy of Jonas Tana via Flickr and Creative Commons. Ownership is primarily defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as, “the fact or state of being an owner; proprietorship, dominion; legal right of possession. It is also defined as the condition of being owned (by a particular person, institution, […]


By Chris De Pree Secondary Author: Kendall Lattimer The word publish traces its roots to the Latin word publicare, or “to make public, show or tell to the people, make known, declare”. The modern spelling of publish is from Middle English, and retains the meaning of the Latin publicare: “to make generally known.” With the […]


By: Alex Jester Secondary Author: Rebecca Meador “Curation” is the act of filtering information for a particular purpose, usually for clarity on the consumer’s end. MacMillan dictionary defines curation as the act of “[selecting] items from among a large number of possibilities for other people to consume and enjoy…” The word in this context pertains […]


By Katherine Smith Secondary author: Ashley Bruce Image is one of the most general terms to describe representation, often understood as visual in form (though mental images are also conjured by texts). Visual images exist in a variety of media and range from those associated with the fine arts and created (originally) by hand, including drawing, painting, […]


By Chris Bishop Secondary author: Lauren Whitworth Definition The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language, published in 1890, offers multiple definitions and interpretations for relating the act of seeing. “To examine with the eyes; view; behold; observe; inspect” defines the act of physically viewing an object with your eyes. Alternately, seeing as a cognitive […]