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Who could be unhappy when looking at this image of a floating balloon guy with a sucker? And yet, the text tells me this is a rebellion–subtext: I’m only doing this because I have to. This is my kind of revolution. I appreciate the work, obligatory or no. In fact I just find myself wanting to float around with this guy, even if I’m forced to. ; ) Ingrid’s WordPress cover is a creative delight, playful and personal while still doing the work (that she is forced to do…)

Another nice opening:

Fari’s process log is provocative from the beginning. What does she mean Time Is An Illusion? Time’s no illusion, it’s REAL. In fact I’m late right now! The statement is coupled with an abstracted textured image of something familiar to me –street grit and manhole covers) in a decorative lace-like display with “dump no” embossed in metal. The image leaves me curiously asking questions. It’s an unexpected invitation for me to click around and find out more.

Another good opening: a “slider” experience takes me from one page to another

I get a sense of Lola (first image is personal, shares with me who she is, on a bridge, going places) then I get a sense of travel and journey (airplane, the word journey). When I click the red button to begin, I find out that she has “a passion for digital storytelling”. Here’s an example where Lola has told us a story in pictures before we read about her majors and interests.

Nea’s blog has a great introductory image. The smile and the composition of the figure in profile off to the right invite me into her world –bot by happy attitude and by the depiction of actual empty space depicted that is strewn with empty chairs (for me to sit in?) and warm colors.


And I get right away that  might be kind of a techy person:

Also, I appreciate this theme which has a nice array of color but doesn’t feel overwhelming. In fact the color and the design elements (varied fonts and color and vertical bars) add a lot to the organizational unity of the images and text. I find this theme easy to navigate because of how it’s laid out.

My artsy life:

I see an empty sky and an open road and I just want to ride along with her…

Over at Jamie’s site I enjoy a composition of color that stands out against the black:


Spheres within spheres:

Ingrid’s eyeball is filled with a sunset, maybe above the clouds. Where am I? While she calls it a “hackneyed and cliche” idea, it still works when the craft exists to make us look twice. (is it just an eyeball? look closely…you are getting sleeeepy…)



This notion:

“I am not creative”



“read more” — a setting for making things more organized and compact


text play (Fari)
The “O” tells me to pay attention to round things without reading the text. Here is an instance where what I see and what I read directly reinforce one another.


text play (Jamie)

use of symbols in menu bar is interesting.

Lola: explanation of experience in text and image.

A nice page of exploration, Ziggy’s post called “Positioning and Focus — Things to Think about when cropping an image.

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