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Class Seven: Revision, Discussion, Communities

Today’s class:

Wrapping up:
Women’s March Class Project
To complete our group project on the women’s march we will build an archive or our work.

1. Design and build an index page (define your role)

  • Introduction to the project [writer]
    Design index of posts with individual links  [Designer]
    Annotation of links/posts [writer]
    Project manager 

2. Revise your post

Discussion of networks
2. Post your responses to the Week Six project: research a network; engage a network; reference themes or connections to reading
Ublend link to Post Week Six NETWORK response


New Readings:

“Building a Global Community” by Mark Zuckerberg

“The Power to Build Communities: A Response to Mark Zuckerberg” by Eugen

“What Facebook Owes To Journalism” by Steven Waldman


UBlend link to Select your reader preference. Rotate through these reader roles!
Brainstormer: (on all the readings)
Analyst: (any one of the readings)
Researcher: (any one of the readings)


And the Oscar for Best Women’s March post goes to: Nastacia’s post “When Checking Your Privilege Isn’t Enough.” Here’s why:

  • The post title, subtitle (“Black Womens’ Criticism of the Women’s March on Washington, D.C.”) are clear and specific.
  • She uses clear, objective language even though she is talking about an opinionated issue. That’s hard to do, but she does it well because she’s done a lot of research.
  • She points to great sources. (minor critique: avoid using long stretches of words as a link)
  • She uses clear ethical image citation standards.
  • The clean design lines of Nastacia’s blog are great for reading.

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