Class One: Readings, Activities, Thoughts

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This class is designed to introduce students and faculty to connected learning strategies and to tools that facilitate those strategies in the classroom. Faculty and students will work together to build an understanding of how best to construct and operate in digital environments, how to collaborate actively in digital communities, and how to combine digital and visual literacies in a host of networked and experiential learning activities. Tonight, we’ll begin our first module — Knowledge Networks — by introducing some tools, a couple of readings for discussion (tonight and between classes), and two activities.

First thing’s first: here is our syllabus. It will be featured in a more prominent space on this site next week.

In class tonight, we will . . .

  • Consider how the web has/is/should change learning in four easy questions.
  • Read the course syllabus while you consider your answers.
  • Graphic group discussion.
  • Talk about Twitter, hashtags, and complete a Twitter scavenger hunt (hashtag #agnesconnected).Talk about Ublend and discuss how we’ll be using Ublend for “reading” discussions (brainstorm, research, and analyze).
    • The role of the brainstormer: “think out loud”. As you do the assigned reading, tweet responses to passages, ideas, words etc that compel you. Use #agnesconnected
      10-15 tweets
      Platform: Twitter
    • The Role of the researcher: select a name, word, concept, phrase or reference in the reading to examine more closely. 
      Compose a 100-150 word paragraph summarizing what you learned. Include links to the sources you use.
    • Role of analyzer: Select a particular portion of the reading that presents problems or complications for you, connects to your previous experience or other learning, or introduces a valuable new concept (to you).
      Compose a 100-150 word paragraph summarizing what you learned. Include links to the sources you use.
      Platform: UBLEND
      Examples of these roles from another class- (film specific so not exactly what you’re doing here)
  • Discuss digital literacies and self-hosted web domains.
  • The importance of the word “process” to learning, knowledge production, and our class.

Between now and next class, please . . .

  • Read Howard Rheingold’s “Introduction” to the book Net Smart. Keep in mind that we won’t be reading Net Smart as a class, but the concepts that he introduces are pretty central to our work.
  • Complete the discussion activity on Ublend for that reading. Remember: choose one of the three posts (not all three), but read them all before class. We’ve emailed instructions for how to log in to Ublend,
  • Take pictures of three things that you profoundly enjoy and post to Twitter using #agnesconnected (use your characters interestingly and creatively).
  • Draw three pictures of things that represent you and post to Twitter using #agnesconnected (ditto above).
  • Attempt: obtain your Agnes Scott domain, install WordPress on it. Show up to the d-Center or here to ask questions and offer help. Or do it yourself with this documentation. (or both)
  • Challenge: compose your first blog post titled “Introduction” in which you embed your six tweets and discuss your choices for each. Tweet the link for that post to #agnesconnected.