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Class Thirteen: Reviews, Building The Site, and your Bio

April 18
Today’s class:

Finish peer reviews (see last class post to see which words you are responsible for and links to forms and lists)

Incorporate the comments from your peer reviews to make your definition excellent.
Make sure the revised definition is in the shared document

Register as an author for domain access to our shared site
You will be asked to create a name as an author on this site (however you want to be known for this keyword project)

BIO Upload your 140 character bio and image into the profile in WordPress when you register as an author
Write this however you want, create whatever image you want to be represented by

CREATE a post

In headline write: “By: Your Name with (Your secondary author’s name) as a secondary author”
In Post body write: “Your word”, and as much of the definition and images as you can by Tuesday, April 25

Categorize: KEY WORDS
Tag: words that make sense with your definition

Tuesday: We will define design attributes, and you will implement them on your word.

Everyone will peer-review two words for design. Work on the same two words you peer-reviewed for content, and email the primary author comments; After comments all will revise their design for form. Voila.



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