Keyword: Typing

Typing as a term can generally mean two different things: On the one hand it describes the act of “producing text via keyboard;” on the other hand it describes the process of defining and categorizing objects and people according to discipline-specific categorization systems. For the purpose of this keyword activity, the first meaning of typing […]


By Lauran Whitworth Secondary Author: Jasmine Ponder Fragment of the Antikythera Mechanism (believed to be an astronomical computer made ca. 87 BCE) Image courtesy of Andrew Barclay via Flickr and Creative Commons.   The Oxford English Dictionary defines materiality as: That which constitutes the matter or material of something. Material or physical aspect or character; […]


Mindfulness is the state of being aware in the present.  Merriam Webster dictionary defines mindfulness not only as a mental state, but also a physical activity that requires the brain to observe and reflect on their surroundings that is nonjudgmental.  Mindfulness in the context of Connected Learning becomes synonymous with metacognition, a learning technique that […]