Class Eleven: Ending with a start: Designing a Collaborative Project


March 28:

  • What have we done? [create a list — nouns/verbs]
  • Look at sites: short guide to digital humanities/living handbook of narratology/
  • Define final project:
    • “connected learning key words”
    • Discuss format
      • Define Partners (primary/secondary)
      • Review process (peer review and submit to Pete and Nell)
    • Select words
    • Timeline

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Class Ten: Where is the crossover?

. . . with the understanding that Weeks Eight and Nine were spent on Peak Week and Spring Break . . . 

Today we’re going to read Ethan Zuckerman’s 2014 essay “New Media, New Civics?” We’ll study the article collaboratively after a half hour of reading time. Primarily we’ll be isolating Zuckerman’s claims, the reflecting on the design of the journal article, and reimagining how Zuckerman’s argument could be represented for a new/different audience. We’ll also be looking back at the network reflection posts on Ublend to draw some ties together.

We’ll talk about the question that I (Pete) find the most motivating in any of this work: where is the crossover? How has your study of networks, the recent readings for class, WordPress, etc. been relevant and applicable to work that you’re doing in your classes or beyond the boundaries of the university?

Catching up: We’ll finish up early so that people can work on/ask questions about any/all of the following:

  • Network reflection blog posts (week 1, week 2)
  • Brainstorm, research, analyze jobs from Week Seven on Ublend.
  • Women’s March post revision (following the “standardization” conversation in class on Week Seven).

For next week: By Friday at noon, use this Ublend post to suggest an article, news story, video lecture, or other media artifact for class discussion. It should be something people can digest easily in an hour or less, and it be in some way relevant to the discussions we’ve had so far on networks, curation, ownership of the web, design, knowledge production, etc. Nell and I will choose one or two and boost them back out to the group. Look for an email (and a message on Ublend) announcing the reading selections, and please come to class with that reading complete.