Class Five: Revision, Curation & Design

Today in class we’ll be focusing on REVISION, CURATION, and DESIGN with a collaborative activity designed to turn our Women’s March project into an organized resource (network? framework? artifact? invitation?).

Next week we’ll spend some time talking about knowing, research, and storytelling. Your “reading” for this week are two podcasts:

Link to class notes on Creative Commons and Fair Use images

New York Times : When It’s Illegal to Photograph Artwork

Red hat Pink Hat: symbolic juxtaposition of form and meaning


An explanation of the visual symbols at play.
For this section I compare formal qualities of two hats used in the presidential campaign to illustrate variations in meaning presented in visual objects: the red MAGA hat (created to show support for the Republican 2016 Presidential Campaign) and the pink Pussy Hat (worn to show support in the January 21, 2017 Women’s March) Continue reading

THIS BLOG IS MANDATORY and other ideas

Who could be unhappy when looking at this image of a floating balloon guy with a sucker? And yet, the text tells me this is a rebellion–subtext: I’m only doing this because I have to. This is my kind of revolution. I appreciate the work, obligatory or no. In fact I just find myself wanting to float around with this guy, even if I’m forced to. ; ) Ingrid’s WordPress cover is a creative delight, playful and personal while still doing the work (that she is forced to do…)

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The Women’s March: A Digital Studio Project

Blog posts collected for our Women’s March project. We’ll be adding to them later today, but for now (11:57am, Saturday morning), these are the ones that everyone should reading and using for reflection.

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