Class Five: Revision, Curation & Design

Today in class we’ll be focusing on REVISION, CURATION, and DESIGN with a collaborative activity designed to turn our Women’s March project into an organized resource (network? framework? artifact? invitation?). Ideas, organization, design, mechanics Our Women’s March Collaborative Revision document Example: the living handbook of narratology Where this will live . . . (a discussion […]

Red hat Pink Hat: symbolic juxtaposition of form and meaning

  YAY what a kickass belated bday surprise!! THANK YOU @thepurlingpineapple – you are the Beyoncé of knitting!!! #pussyhat #pussyhatproject #RESIST #knit A video posted by Betty Chu (@therealbettychu) on Feb 4, 2017 at 10:15am PST   An explanation of the visual symbols at play. For this section I compare formal qualities of two hats used in the […]

The Women’s March: A Digital Studio Project

Blog posts collected for our Women’s March project. We’ll be adding to them later today, but for now (11:57am, Saturday morning), these are the ones that everyone should reading and using for reflection. My take on the Women's March #agnesconnected #womensmarch — Lyn_Brooks (@WilsonShaniece) February 4, 2017