Class Four: Studio Project

  Discussion: Lauren and Gundolf lead an annotated discussion of the Week Three readings on connectivism, networks, and rhizomatic learning. The Women’s March: Digital Studio Project Today we’ll be putting everything together from the first three weeks of the course. We’ve examined digital literacies, design principles, and new ways of learning that are inflected by the web. […]

The Last Five Things You Did on a Computer & Apps and Sites You Like

    The last five things you did on a computer email, wrote a syllabus, posted a website, played music, made coffee, built some teaching materials, sent a picture to a group chat, took a picture, read an article on NYT, accessed a tweet on NYT article, sent emails, worked on google slides project, watched […]

Class One: Readings, Activities, Thoughts

This class is designed to introduce students and faculty to connected learning strategies and to tools that facilitate those strategies in the classroom. Faculty and students will work together to build an understanding of how best to construct and operate in digital environments, how to collaborate actively in digital communities, and how to combine digital and […]